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Russia continues to strengthen its fleet with new ships; the Black Sea Fleet has included a new small missile ship “Cyclone” of Project 22800 “Karakurt”. The small rocket ship "Cyclone" of the new project 22800, although considered small, carries quite serious weapons. Small corvettes of Project 22800, the newest ships in the Russian fleet, the first of them entered service in 2018. There are currently four ships of this project in the fleet; a total of 16 ships are planned to be built. Ships of the 22800 series are designed to destroy enemy targets in the coastal zone and destroy warships in the near sea zone. The ship's hull is made of armored aluminum alloy, the ship is created using stealth technology and has a modular design, which makes it easy to modernize. The main weapon of the ship is the 3S14 universal ship-mounted missile system, designed for eight Kalibr-NK sea-launched cruise missiles; they can also be equipped with a similar number of Onyx anti-ship missiles. The ships are equipped with AK-176 MA-01 artillery mounts with a firing range of up to 15 kilometers and AK-630 artillery mounts on the first ships of the project. They are also equipped with two pedestal machine gun mounts of 14.5 mm caliber, Pantsir-ME air defense systems from the third ship of the series and Verba MANPADS. The ship has an Oralan-10 UAV on board. The ship's displacement is up to 900 tons, maximum speed is up to 65 km/h. The range is up to 2,800 miles. The crew size is 39 people. The approximate cost of a Project 22800 ship is 2 billion rubles, or $22 million.


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