Russia Project 864 Russian reconnaissance ship spotted off the Hawaiian Islands.


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The US Coast Guard spotted a Russian Project 864 spy ship near the Hawaiian Islands. The ship was seen refueling from a supply tanker. The appearance of this ship in the United States is explained by the presence in the region of the Pacific missile range Barking Sands, which is used to test Standard Missile 6 anti-missiles. Russian reconnaissance ships of Project 864 Meridian are capable of collecting "noise profiles" of surface and underwater objects, as well as conduct electronic intelligence. On board are the Profile-M, RotorS and Prokhlada radio reconnaissance systems, as well as sonar reconnaissance systems, radio communication systems and other equipment. The ship is armed with AK-306M 30-mm artillery system and Igla MANPADS. At the moment, Russia uses 7 ships of this type.


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