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The Russian Defense Ministry showed footage of the combat duty of the crew of the Nebo-SV radar and the combat work of the Buk-M3 air defense system. The calculation of the 1L13 "Sky-SV" radar station searches and detects targets and determines their nationality by sending a "Friend or Foe" request. Based on the results of the target's response, the radar crew makes a decision to destroy the target and transmits the data to the crew of the Buk-M3 air defense system. The detection range of fighter-type targets at high altitudes reaches 380 km, at low altitudes up to 65 km. The Russian radar "Nebo-SV" was put into service in 1986.
The station "Nebo-SV" has become the main means of reconnaissance of an air enemy in air defense, forming a duty radar field in the operational link of military air defense. The high combat and operational characteristics of this station have been repeatedly confirmed in various exercises and during combat duty by air defense formations. The system is also in service with Iran.

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