Russia Russian repair and recovery vehicle REM-KL Ural-532362


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The new REM-KL repair and recovery vehicles began to be actively used by the Russian army. The REM-KL vehicle is mounted on a Ural-532362 wheeled chassis. The main purpose of the vehicle is current repairs, assistance to drivers in the maintenance and evacuation of military equipment. The REM-KL vehicle can transport equipment semi-loaded on a special device or simply tow it at a maximum speed of up to 30 km/h on dirt roads and up to 50 km/h on paved roads. For maintenance, REM-KL is equipped with a special body van, it contains the necessary set of equipment and tools. The machine is equipped with an electric generator for welding operations and an IM-95 loader crane with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 2.83 tons. The permissible weight of transported vehicles on dirt roads, with their semi-loading, is up to 16 tons, on paved roads up to 22 tons, with normal towing equipment up to 12 tons. REM-KL can use a winch with a hydraulic drive, the length of the winch cable is 60 meters. Gross vehicle weight 24950 kg, crew 3 people.


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