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At least 100 speed cameras stolen: Now it is suspected that they have ended up in Russian drones​

In Sweden, a mystery is spreading. Speed cameras along the Swedish highways are broken up and cameras disappear.

This week, at least three speed cameras have been stolen along the E16 motorway in Sweden, according to information from the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

The Swedish speed cameras have ignited a suspicion: because they are Canon DSLR cameras, which are the same cameras found in home-made Russian drones.

At least 100 cameras have been stolen around Sweden in recent months, according to the Swedish Traffic Agency.

According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the home-made Russian drones have been used in several attacks against Ukraine and the Ukrainian military.

The Swedish security police, Säpo, (which corresponds to the Danish PET, ed.) states, according to the Swedish newspaper, that it is aware of the information about the suspected connection between the thefts on Swedish roads and the home-made Russian drones:

"But we have no opportunity to go into detail or talk about our intelligence work, says Fredrik Hultgren -Friberg,' press spokesman at Säpo.

I believe that the freedom of movement has benefitted many patriotic Russians who're getting involved with these activities. If it is proven that these cameras end up in drones I think it'll be necessary to reimplement bordercontrol on national level. And better control on all cargo, vehicles and trucks leaving the country.

The destination of these trucks and such can be faked through middle men or shuffle companies that will redirect it one way or another to Kaliningrad or Russia/Belarus.
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