Spanish Navy may extend the operational life of the Tramontana submarine

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Sep 28, 2020
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According to information published by InfoDefensa on April 13, 2021, the Spanish Navy is studying extending the operational life of the Agosta-class S-74 Tramontana submarine for another year.

Tramontana is an Agosta-class submarine built for the Spanish Navy by Bazán at Cartagena, Spain. The submarine was launched in 1984, commissioned in 1985, and is currently active with the Spanish Navy.

The Agosta-class submarine is a class of diesel-electric fast-attack submarine developed and constructed by the French DCNS in 1970s to succeed the Daphné-class submarines. The submarines have served in the French Navy as well as exported to the navies of Spain and Pakistan.

They are currently in the active service with the navies of Spain and Pakistan, and were replaced by the Scorpène-class submarines in the French Navy. The French Navy grouped this model of submarine in their most capable class as an océanique, meaning "ocean-going."

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