Russia The Drozd drone detector.


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Russian military personnel have begun using the Drozd drone detector. The Russian Drozd drone detector is a fairly simple device; it does not have a signal frequency indication scale and instead emits a sound signal, the tone of which varies depending on the strength of the signal. When the drone detector is activated, the soldier simply points it in the direction of the suspected location of the drones and records the device's audio signals. After detecting the direction of the radiation source, anti-drone devices begin to work in this direction. It is worth noting that the drone detector is susceptible to radiation from WI-FI routers and other active devices, so it is best to use it away from populated areas. The device captures analog and digital video transmission signals, radio remote controls at frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. Signal reception distance is up to 3 km, capture angle is 120 degrees in line of sight conditions, continuous operation time is 33 hours. The Drozd drone detector is available for free sale, the price of the device is 25,000 rubles or 275 dollars.


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