Ukraine The fleet received Sandown minesweepers


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The Ukrainian fleet received British minesweepers Sandown, review of ships. Two former British minesweepers of the Sandown project, transferred to the Ukrainian fleet in 2021, have been accepted into the Ukrainian Navy. The ceremony took place on the day of celebration of the Ukrainian Navy. The commissioning ceremony of two mine defense ships M310 Chernigov and M311 Cherkasy was held in the UK in Glasgow. The Sandown type minesweepers began to be built in 1988; they are now in the fleets of Britain, Estonia and now Ukraine. The minesweepers continue to be in Britain and participated in the Sea Breeze 2023 exercise; they cannot arrive in Ukraine. Minesweepers of the "Sandown" type are designed to search and destroy sea mines using remotely controlled search vehicles; minesweepers do not have devices for minesweeping. To reduce magnetism, the ship's hull is made of reinforced fiberglass. The ship's mechanisms are isolated from the hull by mounting on shock absorbers. The ships are armed with a 30 mm combat module and three 12.7 mm machine guns. The crew of each ship is 45 people. The length of the minesweepers is 52.6 meters, displacement is 465 tons, speed is up to 13 knots with a diesel power plant. Cruising range 3000 miles.


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