Russia Troops fire control complex, Tablet-MIR system in an Athlete armored vehicle


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Footage of the new Russian fire control complex for troops "Planshet-M-IR" has been published. In this case, the complex is placed in a new armored car "Athlete". The complex was created to automate the fire control of artillery, mortars and MLRS. The system allows the command through the tablet to see the entire situation on the front line and quickly control the fire and the actions of different groups of troops. The complex, through a closed satellite channel, can exchange data, including with UAVs and radars. The task of the complex is to exclude the human factor from the processes of obtaining target designation and carrying out calculations before hitting the target, this speeds up the work of units and increases the accuracy of the strike. "Tablet-M-IR" became the development of the "Tablet-A" complex, which is already being mass-produced and has a lot of positive feedback from the military.


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