UK confirms USD 2Bn purchase of 14 additional CH-47 Chinook helicopters

Isa Khan

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Sep 28, 2020
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The British Ministry of Defence has confirmed its decision to purchase another 14 Chinook heavy-lift helicopters from the US. According to Blomberg, who first reported the deal, the $2 billion agreement between the UK and the Pentagon would also include engines, machine guns, radar and missile-jamming equipment.

“The delivery schedule and exact costs for the new Chinook helicopters are to be confirmed, but it is expected delivery will be completed before the end of 2030,” the Bloomberg report quoted the UK embassy spokeswoman in Washington as saying.

The UK is buying 14 new Chinooks to replace some of the 60 ones in service. The Royal Air force welcomed its first Chinooks in 1980. The new units would be of the CH-47ER (Extended Range) type, which is currently in service in Canada and features improved fuel tanks.

While the deal is confirmed, the UK appears to be looking to postpone the delivery by up to three years due to the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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