Zambia keen to take support of Bangladesh’s agricultural expertise

Isa Khan

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Sep 28, 2020
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Zambia has expressed its interest to take support of agricultural expertise of Bangladesh alongside boosting relationship with Bangladesh and Bangladesh Army.

Zambian Acting Defence Minister Wezi Lukhele showed interest when Chief of Army Staff of Bangladesh Army Gen Aziz Ahmed, who is now visiting Zambia on the invitation of Zambian Army commander, paid an official call on with him at Defence Ministry office on Monday.

During the meeting, the cooperation and relationship between the two countries were highlighted and Zambian acting Defence Minister Wezi Lukhele said that Zambia is interested in building an improved relationship with Bangladesh and Bangladesh Army, says an Inter Service Public Relation (ISPR) press release on Tuesday.

Wezi Lukhele also expressed the interest of the Zambian government for working closely with Bangladesh.

Later Gen Aziz met Commander of Zambia Army Lt Gen William Maipambe Sikazwe at Army Headquarters.

Gen Sikazwe expressed his gratitude to Gen Aziz for accepting his invitation and making a good bond between the two armies.

Gen Aziz also expressed his interest to intensify training activities with the Zambian Army and also to conduct Subject Matter Expert Exchange (SMEE) programs especially in the field of UN peacekeeping, anti-terrorism activities, disaster management, etc.

Gen Aziz also brought forward the matter of issuing on-arrival visa to the military personnel of Bangladesh Armed Forces, and Gen Sikazwe assured that he will take efforts to get it approved from the concerned ministry at the earliest.

In the afternoon, Gen Aziz met with acting Commander of Zambia Air Force Maj Gen Benedict T Kalinda at the Air Force Headquarters.

Maj Gen Kalinda expressed his gratitude for the cooperation and support provided by Bangladesh Armed Forces.

He highlighted the prospects of training of the officers and men of Zambia Air Force in various training institutions of Bangladesh.

Gen Aziz welcomed the officers and men of Zambia Air Force to undergo training in various training institutions of Bangladesh Armed Forces and expected that the relationship between the two Armed Forces will flourish further in the days to come.

General Aziz is scheduled to meet with Commandant, Zambia National Service on Tuesday.

He will also meet with other senior leaderships of the Zambia Armed Forces and visit various training institutions and is scheduled to return to Bangladesh on May 6.

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