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my message to the trolls

shukhe thakuk
The prolific & persistence use of sock puppet account by certain (if not few) 🇮🇩 poster / posters is startling.
Atatürk's thoughts on Hitler: "It is a fundamental mistake to hand over the power entirely to a man who has not shown any success in military service and government. A corporal will not hesitate to take great risks to prove that he is a great strategist and a military genius."
Nilgiri my Chinese housing crisis thread is deleted? i cant find it.
No „anti Chinese“ thread allow right now.
They are allowed in "Asia/Oceania" section. Please post such articles there.
“Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.”
—Charles Spurgeon
@Nilgiri @Test7 can you guys create a section only for military videos and Pics, not specific for any country.

I would like to post videos like is
and many more
We have a general Military section for this. In this section you guys create a section only for military videos and Pics, and not specific for any country.


Yup post that stuff there paro, thats where i collect mine
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WHEN a discussion forum has begun to allow or condone (not sure which) sock puppet accounts for whatever purpose, THEN it's time to began staying away from such place / forum :mad:
Long time no see. Hope all is well and see you soon!
"Lafa bakarım laf mı diye, bi de adama bakarım adam mı diye." Adam görünümlü adamcıklar peydah oldu, mertlik bozuldu.
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