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    India India Sports Thread

    In Haryana its also depends on which district you are referring to . Rohtak , Sonipat ---> Wrestling and Kabaddi Bhivani ---> Boxing Kurukshetra --> Hockey ( Once we have like 7 girls in national team ) The Olympic medalists now changed the mindset earlier the target was just to participate in...
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    India India Sports Thread

    @Nilgiri @Jackdaws @Joe Shearer sorry for being greedy but as a state we can really do wonders provide at least 2 sports universities with some good international coaches . Given some good environment Haryana can do good in volleyball too
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    India India Sports Thread

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    India Indian Navy to test US F-18 fighters for INS Vikrant next week

    I still feel F-18s will provide a definite edge against Chinese Ships in IOR , the F-18s are operational for so long and so much refinement has already taken place that final product is almost perfect . F-18 growlers will give definite edge in electronic warfare side . F- 18s will give a...
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    India Army Indian Army Artillery Archive

    I think the two fields in which India can easily grew as important exporter is rotary wing aircrafts and artillery guns .
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    India Army Indian Army Artillery Archive

    He has a vision , and has developed some pretty decent system , but no country will buy them in number if their home country will not induct them . The way army has dragged the ATAGS , its quite visible of their interest in Indian products . Personally really wish to see ATAGS , Kalyani's light...
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    India Indian Coffee House (News, Politics, Chit chat, Debate)

    @T-123456 watchin one old hindi album songs and found a lot of Turkish comments , can you translate them : seems like half of the Turkey commented on this song
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    India Indian Wildlife Thread

    In India among big cats we gave more importance to Tiger and Lion . Tiger is national animal , Lion is part of state emblem .
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    India Historical Indian War History Thread

    The only war , with no coverage is 1962 war except battle of Rizangla . I don't know why we always shy from discussing China in our military and intl related discussions . Except one article written by Ajit Doval
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    India Indian Wildlife Thread

    It says dont watch horror movies before going to bed : @T-123456 @Nilgiri @Jackdaws @Peace Lover
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    India India Cuts Back World’s Largest Fighter Jet Procurement Programme By Half

    Thats what it will be , like govt to govt
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    India India Cuts Back World’s Largest Fighter Jet Procurement Programme By Half

    I was thinking about it , my thought is 93 (57 + 36) is a decent number and TOT is a myth but we can use the French expertise to refine the Tejas and upcoming fighter projects and colaboration in fighter engine development . I will be more then happy even if French agrees to integarate the...
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    India Indian Kashmir Archive

    Too late too little
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    India Army Indian Army General Archive

    OFB needs such type of treatment :

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