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    India Indian Wildlife Thread

    Nice picture captured: @Ryder @crixus et al.
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    If war broke out between Morocco and Algeria.

    Azerbaijan was in very close proximity to Armenia range wise, so there was little benefit to iskandar compared to say regular rocket artillery. It ended up being more nominal deterrence value at most....and Azerbaijan called it out (especially given the specific tactics Azerbaijan developed in...
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    TR Casual Discussion Çay Bahçesi

    Never underestimate how little neo-marxists actually trust in people (they purport to support) to discuss, debate and vote upon things. They deeply hate: - the legislative process - clear definition of branches of govts in the republic's founding and why this is important to preserve -...
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    If war broke out between Morocco and Algeria.

    Countries should never fight each other....period. Muslim or not is irrelevant on this (what about a, b , c other identities?) There is basic human identity and existence we all share and we all know what life and death is in the end....what basic good and bad are.... War is antithesis of this...
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    If war broke out between Morocco and Algeria.

    As good as F-16s are and lot of other gear Morocco has....... ...... how does morocco make them survivable past an iskander strike on the (few + known) airbases (and naval bases for ships) that hold them? The opening moves of the wargaming overall favour Algeria heavily IMO....till Morocco...
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    Casual Discussion Defence and Political Meme Thread

    yeah same here..... though for highway driving truckers are most clear on it since they are more visible over the medians we have here.
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    If war broke out between Morocco and Algeria.

    Still we would need to know what are the Moroccan AD like around its harbours as this is where crucial ships can be sitting ducks often....and smaller/medium force countries often dont have these assets hedged in multiple bases/harbours etc. Same to model how Moroccan airbases fare against...
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    European Union Flag Europe’s Energy Concerns

    Yes certainly. Look at the reserves versus production ratio for all these countries listed in the table. Very low.... as nuclear energy demands quite a low profile of what Earth has in raw uranium ore spread around. Can subtract kazakhstan, uzbekistan alongside Russia and add these numbers to...
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    If war broke out between Morocco and Algeria.

    Apparently Algeria has iskander ballistic missiles (I didn't know this, just googled). So yeah right now thats a pretty serious advantage over morocco.
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    If war broke out between Morocco and Algeria.

    What time frame are we talking about here? Right now or down the road X years later? Looking at critical weapons tier (and working way downwards)....neither side has ballistic missiles, but Algeria has some cruise missiles. i.e Algeria holds a serious first strike advantage on opponents...
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    European Union Flag Europe’s Energy Concerns

    Again I see Australia and Canada in this table. The world can segregate into camps more inevitably, but thats different from being monopoly (on nuclear supply chain) will be a duopoly and some third parties.
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    USA Pentagon Grapples With Policy for Women Serving in Antiabortion States

    Here's an idea: contraceptives.
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    European Union Flag Europe’s Energy Concerns

    Nowhere close to monopoly. For yellow cake: The spare capacity in US + Canada + France amounts to about double of Russia's entire capacity. LEU capacity, again there is plenty on western shores: This is all about removing any Russian presence in western supply chains, rather than any...
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    India India, Vietnam Ink Military Pact, Can Now Use Each Others Defence Bases

    Lot more visits will happen :)

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