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    TF-X Turkish Fighter & Trainer Aircraft Projects

    Maybe you need to read all thread on the turkish section from page 1 to the last, then come back here....
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    Attention All Indonesians!

    Ane jg Indonesia min cm jarang ikut komen soalnya english ane kurang bagus cm bs mantau komentar2 kalian....
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    Indonesian Navy, Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Laut (TNI-AL)

    i'm still hoping for a miracle
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    Erdogan Is Turning Turkey Into a Chinese Client State

    US is backstabbing their ally (Turkey) and like to interfere the internal affairs of other countries. For me China is better than US...
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    MIUS ¦ Akinci ¦ Aksungur | Plus Various Turkish Unmanned Autonomous Programs

    I'm waiting for TB3 with MAM-L block II...
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    Would Turkish drone concept be effective against a country like Greece as well?

    Can koral jam incoming missile to reroute it?

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