‘Everything indicates’ Chinese ship damaged Baltic pipeline on purpose, Finland says


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Finland and Estonia have been investigating the rupture of the Balticconnector, a 77-kilometer-long gas pipeline that connects the two NATO members beneath the Baltic Sea.
The pipeline was damaged around October 7-8, along with two telecoms cables connecting Estonia to Finland and Sweden.

Finnish investigators have identified the Chinese container ship Newnew Polar Bear, which dragged an anchor across the cables & gas lines of the BalticConnector.

“I'm not the sea captain. But I would think that you would notice that you're dragging an anchor behind you for hundreds of kilometers,” Adlercreutz said in an interview Thursday in Brussels. “I think everything indicates that it was intentional. But of course, so far, nobody has admitted to it.”

What is going on? What is the surprise of this brutal act?
Are this the same systematic act of China just like with the weather balloon then send

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