Ukraine Armored vehicle manufactured by the United Arab Emirates Panthera T6 of the army of Ukraine


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The Ukrainian army began to actively use Panthera T6 armored vehicles, a column with it was seen by eyewitnesses, it also became known that one vehicle fell into the hands of the Russian army in the north of Bakhmut. The Panthera T6 light armored personnel carrier was developed by Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles, located in the UAE. Armored vehicles came to Ukraine in December, with ready-made pixel camouflage, the customer of the vehicles is unknown. The Panthera T-6 armored personnel carrier has a modular design and is built on different chassis, including the chassis of a Toyota 79 series car. The armored covering of the car provides passengers with protection from bullets and is able to withstand the detonation of two hand grenades or mines under the floor. The interior of the vehicle is equipped with dual air conditioning, it can be modified to accommodate various combat equipment and four stretchers. In the basic version, the armored vehicle does not have weapons, but you can install a machine gun or a light combat module. The car is equipped with surveillance and monitoring systems and can accommodate 8 people. The gross vehicle weight is 3200 kg, the maximum speed is about 165 km/h.


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