Canada Canada’s Defence Procurement System Needs To Change….Now!


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I have read Ian Mack’s CGAI article with great interest, nodding yes…, finally! (1) Canada’s Military Procurement System has been in shambles for many years and is in dire need of repair; as is our SSE Defence Policy along with a much-needed Indo-Pacific Strategy relating to China. CDS General Wayne Eyre stated that “given the deteriorating world situation, the defence industry needs to be on a ‘war footing’ to increase production lines in order to support CAF requirements.” In my own opinion (IMOO) perhaps even invoke parts of, or all of the War Measures Act to accomplish this.
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg’s opening remarks at the recent NATO Leaders meeting in Madrid, Spain, admonished member states for treating the 2% benchmark for defence spending as a “goal” rather than as a “base-line”. He also indicated the 2% defence spending mark is increasingly considered a “floor” and not a “ceiling” for member states. (2) Although not specifically pointing the finger towards Canada (and PM Justin Trudeau), his intentions seemed to be clear. NATO’s Annual List of Members’ Defence Expenditures for 2022 indicates that Canada’s ratio of Defence Spending has actually slipped from 1.36% in 2021 to 1.27% as of June 2022 (2). Canada is nowhere near what it should be as a founding member of NATO in my opinion. The PBO has also indicated that Canada needs to spend $75.3B more just to reach the 2% defence spending “base-line” (3). Enough said.



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