China Claims of China's incursions into Taiwan's AIDZ


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Especially due to Taiwan's present regional government and it's attempts towards independence - accusations towards China violating Taiwan's territorial airspace and AIDZ have increased rapidly in the past 2 years. With the USA and it's allies or "friends" trying to highlight a Chinese aggression or even attempt towards attacking it's own Province of Taiwan.

Since Taiwan isn't an international recognized sovereign state (e.g. UN) it can't even proclaim a territorial territory - or as such national or territorial borders or airspace.
AIDZ can be unilaterally declared by any sovereign state such as China - in case of overlapping with the AIDZ of another sovereign country - e.g. Japan, bilateral agreements need to be agreed upon to prevent in the worst case a military confrontation, e.g. shooting down a respective intruder/violator.

Therefore in accordance with international laws there is no such thing as China violating Taiwan's sovereign airspace.- In fact they are passing flying over their own territory. Fully in accordance with the internationally agreed status of one country 2 governments.

Even if a territorial airspace in accordance with international laws would apply towards Taiwan - NO single violation of Taiwan territorial/national airspace has occurred.

Furthermore Taiwan's existing and self-declared AIDZ even extends hundreds of km into Mainland China - see map:
As such even a PLAF aircraft taking off e.g. 200km within Mainland China is considered - reported onto a Chinese incursion into Taiwan's AIDZ - actually absurd.


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I await the brave Chinese overflying the island of Taiwan any time soon.

My bet is that if they try then the wreckage will land in Taipei itself, or points south.

And brave "incursions" by the PLAN and PLAAF over a quiet corner of the AIDZ are just wasting fuel with empty threats.


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