Danish company lands three-figure million contract with NATO


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The Danish software company Systematic has won an international tender and must deliver a software solution for the defense alliance NATO for the next 12 years.

Systematic's director, Nikolaj Bramsen, tells DR.

"After all, the NATO alliance is the core on which we depend for our security throughout the West."

"When they as headquarters choose that the security they want to create with NATO must be based on our software, then this is what we have worked for for 39 years," says Nikolaj Bramsen to DR.

The contract is for DKK 212 million over the 12 years.

The Danish software solution is called SitAware and must be used when NATO is on missions. It creates an overview of both own units and the position and movements of the enemy.

Systematics SitAware is already used today by around 50 countries, including Denmark and 17 other NATO countries, writes DR.

According to captain in the army Morten Kirkegaard, SitAware corresponds to "going from sending letters to being able to send mail".

He tells DR that the system makes it much faster to make decisions on the battlefield.



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