Ukraine EFA CEFA self-propelled pontoon bridge


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The Ukrainian Army will receive EFA CEFA self-propelled pontoon bridges made in France. The EFA self-propelled pontoon bridge was developed by Chaudronnerie et Forges d'Alsace and has been in use since 1993. The self-propelled bridge ferry EFA differs from the usual bridge layers that transport pontoon bridges; the EFA can also be used as an amphibious transporter. The single EFA amphibious transporter creates a 34.55 meter long ferry. Two EFA amphibians connected together on a ramp can transport cargo weighing up to 150 tons. In one hour, the EFA amphibian is capable of covering about 10 water crossings with a length of 100 meters. The self-propelled bridge ferry EFA has a 4-person crew and is used by France and the United Arab Emirates.


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