Germany Foreign Minister Baerbock goes on a #SicherLeben(#LivingInSecurity) tour through Germany


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Foreign Minister Baerbock goes on a #SicherLeben tour through Germany​

On 14 July, Foreign Minister Baerbock has embarked on a tour through Germany. Its theme is #SicherLeben (#LivingInSecurity), and it forms part of the drafting process for a National Security Strategy.

The Minister’s tour is part of the inclusive dialogue process​

The German Government has decided to develop the first National Security Strategy in our country’s history. Work began in March and is being led by the Federal Foreign Office. For Foreign Minister Baerbock, it is very important for this process to include the general public, parliament, experts, associations, civil society and international partners. The ten‑day trip through Germany is part of these efforts.

Security concerns us all​

Foreign Minister Baerbock wants to have an exchange with citizens, in order to hear what their expectations are regarding the strategy and thus help highlight that security is an issue that concerns us all. After all, decisions relating to security policy are made not only at the Federal Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence, but also by companies, municipalities and universities. They may concern multifaceted questions such as where we buy our natural gas, whom we enter into research cooperation with and who invests in our electricity grids.
The Foreign Minister wants to discuss these questions with the people the security strategy will be designed for to protect – that is, the people who live in Germany. What does security mean to them? What threats do they see, and which ones are they particularly worried about? How can foreign policy help increase their sense of security?
The discussions will be guided by the strategy’s three core issues Foreign Minister Baerbock raised in her speech at the launch event in March:
  1. Security for the invulnerability of our lives – first and foremost when it comes to violence and war;
  2. Security for our freedom, i.e. the resilience of our democracy and defending our chosen way of life;
  3. Security for the fundamental necessities of our lives, i.e. protecting our environment and resources.

The process includes citizens’ and business forums​

Citizens’ forums – with participants who were randomly selected ahead of time – are a key part of the trip. They will be held at the start of the trip in Bremen and on its final stop in Munich. The dialogue phase of the National Security Strategy will come to a close this autumn when Foreign Minister Baerbock meets with selected participants of the citizens’ forums. At this final event, the Minister will report back to them on the ways in which the insights gained through their forums will inform the National Security Strategy drafting process.
During her tour through Germany, Minister Baerbock also visits institutions that play a key role in our security, such as the Bundeswehr, civil protection organisations, decision-makers at municipal level, and companies that are responsible for protecting critical infrastructure, maintaining security of supply and protecting systemically relevant branches.


Overview of the tour

Rostock: Fraunhofer Institute at Ocean Technology Campus Rostock, focusing on ecological impact and detection of ammunition in the sea
Bremen: business forum focusing on space and satellite technology
Large citizens’ forum

Break, while Minister Baerbock participates in the Moldova Support Conference in Bucharest

Bonn: meeting with NGOs on crisis prevention and stabilisation
Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler: Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance/Federal Academy of Civil Protection and Civil Defence
The Ahr valley: visit to the area affected by last year’s severe flooding
Schengen: meeting with the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg

Walldorf: business forum focusing on data sovereignty, supply chain security and sustainability
Karlsruhe: citizens’ forum

Break on 18 and 19 July, while the Minister participates in the Petersberg Climate Dialogue in Berlin

Berlin: civil-society programmes that support individuals who have decided to leave jihadi movements
Neuenhagen: business forum focusing on critical infrastructure
Strausberg: visit to the Bundeswehr’s CBRN defence regiment
Hannover: Talks

Barleben: business forum focusing on supply and supply chain security
Hof: citizens' forum

Nuremberg: discussion on NSU‑perpetrated terrorism
Munich: visit to the Israelite Congregation of Munich
Large citizens’ forum


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" Wuestner, was also positive, who also told BILD: "It is impressive how honestly and truthfully the Minister of Defense describes the situation in the Bundeswehr. The military had not experienced such clarity in many years. But it's also clear that the federal government should act now. The situation cannot remain like this."

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