TECHINT Fully Reelable Towed Array Systems for SSK Submarines


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A towed array sonar offers numerous operational benefits to a submarine platform over hull mounted sonar systems. The ability to isolate self-noise by separating the sensor from the platform significantly improves the ability to detect low frequency acoustic signals. Previously the diameter of the towed array has driven SSK platforms to use a clip-on configuration to provide a Towed Array capability. The clip-on configuration however comes with an impact to the platform manoeuvrability that limits the options available to the platform command. The ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH Thinline Towed Array coupled with the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK Electric Towed Array Handling System (eTAHS) offers the next generation of technology to submarine operating nations. The ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH Thinline Towed Array uses a modular approach that enables different length array configurations to be built from unified modules. The ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK eTAHS provides a low power, quiet, electric drive handling system that will safely deploy and recover the towed array on command. These developments in both towed array technology and towed array handling systems now enable fully reelable towed array options to be conducted from SSK platforms


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