Greece Greece Joins Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia for Joint Military Drills


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Special forces from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Greece, and Cyprus launched joint military drills on Sunday, according to the Egyptian military.

A military statement said Joint Exercise Hercules 2022 will continue for several days at the Mohamed Naguib Military base and other training areas in the Northern Military zone.

The US, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Bahrain are participating in the training as observers.

The statement said the first phase of the exercise aims to unify concepts and includes an exhibition of weapons and equipment used in the training as well as lectures in the fields of cybersecurity and international humanitarian laws.

Drills with the participation of Egypt and UAE forces held in Greece in 2021​

Hercules 2021 was held in Greece in September last year with the participation of forces from Egypt and the UAE.

Khaled Ahmed Shawki, head of the Armed Forces exercise commission, delivered a speech in which he pointed to the importance of joint training to upgrade combat capabilities and unify visions to face common challenges.

He said that the general command of the Armed Forces was keen on good preparation and high-level planning for all training procedures. Participation of experts from the International Committee of the Red Cross in training is also key in consolidating respect for the rules of international humanitarian law governing armed conflicts.

The first stage of the training includes the opening ceremony, the procedures for integrating and familiarizing the participating forces to unify the concepts, an exhibition of weapons and equipment used in the training as well as holding lectures in the fields of cybersecurity and international humanitarian law.

The Hercules-2 training is a continuation of the development and strengthening of military relations between Egypt and countries that are allies with the aim of developing and consolidating the foundations of military cooperation and developing joint work to contribute to the exchange of experiences using all weapons and equipment with advanced technology.

Considered major non-NATO allies, Egypt, Bahrain, and Jordan share an intimate military relationship with the defense pact and thus access to technologies and infrastructure whose dissemination is heavily monitored.

Wargames and drills among aligned states have increased in frequency over the past few years as relations between Eastern and Western powers continue to suffer.

Earlier this month, Greece and Egypt took part in joint naval drills in the Mediterranean with the aim of “preparing the navies of Egypt and Greece to work homogeneously within a joint force charged with maintaining maritime security to confront threats to international freedom of navigation and the flow of global trade.”



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Yo don't put twitts from a propaganda site, that forum is straight BS propaganda site delete it now or i will report.


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The only good thing is, it bring us closer to a military solution. A peaceful solution is not possible anymore.

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