Greece Greece upgrades 38 F-16 Block 50 to a slightly higher level than Block 50+ Adv, also acquiring Sniper Targeting Pods


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The F-16C / D Block 50 is in excellent condition, and it would be a real shame to simply replace the computer and radar. The aircraft, regardless of whether it becomes a Block 70 or not, remains very capable. Therefore, the PA, having the green light from the political leadership, will bring the Block 50 a little higher than it was originally planned.

Although for a while there was the idea to make the Block 50, F-16V with SABR AESA radar, nevertheless it was decided to install the AN / APG-68v9. The AN / APG-68v9 will be in abundance in PA, as it will soon have 84 copies in its warehouses. And since the upgraded Block 50s will be able to get a regular view of the F-16V, but also the Rafale F3R, they could serve with low maintenance costs especially for their radars.

So in terms of electronics, the 38 "50 arias" will become something a little better than Block 50 + Adv. In case it is decided or needed and decided, the aircraft can receive the SABR AESA ae level MSB. In any case, they will probably be the best F-16C / D in service with legacy radar worldwide. But not everything is radar. Let's not forget that the fighter is a complex mechanical construction, thrown by man. And it has a flight time limit, both on the fuselage and on the engine.

Thus, we are not talking about a simple transplant of quorums on the aircraft, but about changes of entire building blocks so that flight hours are added. We are not talking about some reinforcements, we are talking about structural modernization. Thus, the cost of PA will have greater value and return on investment. We do not know, but we hope, the Block 50 will be able to accept CFT, like the next models. Difficult, but hopefully so.

Above we made a clear hint for another point that we will probably have to come back to. In aircraft engines, the most complex mechanical part that needs factory repair and maintenance. F-110 engines are the ones that would determine the life limit of aircraft, as well as their performance. And this time the PA decided to invest heavily in the aircraft and return the engines to their original condition.

Thus, the total cost of the modernization is well above the 700 million budgeted for 2021. But it still remains well below one billion euros, less than the 900 million which is really a bargain price for 38 fighters that will serve on the front line. of the Aegean until 2045 to 2050. The aircraft will probably also receive upgraded Link 16, so that they can comfortably work with the F-16V and the Rafale F3R. And obviously, with the future F-35H that the PA will have towards the end of the decade.

In a few words. We are not writing the news today about another modernization, but about a full investment in 38 fighter jets, which will be at the helm of the PA for another 25 years. As some will argue that the end result will be similar to the Turkish F-16 CCIP, we will be clear. Will not be. The Greek F-16C / D Block 50 + Adv will be superior.
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