Happy Nardoqan to Everyone


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Pre-Islamic Turkic Festival Nardoqan

Last night was nardoqan which i celebrated it. here i wanted to introduce one of our festivals to my none-turks friends . According to the Tengrism beliefs of the Turks before we adopted islam , there was a pine tree in the middle of the earth. This tree is called "THE TREE OF LIFE". According to our belief, on December 22, when the nights become shorter and the days begin to lengthen, night fights with day. This war is a fierce war! In the end, Gündüz (Day) defeats the Gece (night) and achieves a great victory. We celebrate the victory as the rebirth of the sun nar =güneş, tugan, dugan, meaning: RISING SUN.


at this night Prayers of thanks are made to God Ulgen, who gave the sun back and sit up the tree that is as tall as sky. gifts are placed under the white pine tree, tapes and rags are tied to its branches; Wishes for that year are begged from God. Houses are being cleaned for Nardugan. Beautiful clothes are worn, scents are spread around and incense is burned. Games are played around the tree, songs, folk songs and poems are sung. Elderly people, aunts, grandmothers, fathers, mothers and patients are visited and they eat and drink together and eat from the food and fruits especially pomegranate . It is believed that the Nardoqan Festival, prolongs life and brings good luck, abundance, peace and happiness. The white pine tree is an endemic tree unique to Central Asia.

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Happy Nardoqan to you All
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It’s so festive with a beautiful “rebirth“ story involved here therefore I think it’s more appropriate to consider it a merry occasion.
So, merry Nardoqan everyone 🌲🌞

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