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Capabilities used​

  • Hardware and software development according to military specifications.
  • New data and message models for the design and implementation of a valid ad-hoc protocol for the interoperable exchange of data, information and coordination in a tactical network between units.
  • Use and integration of "IP over Radio" communications systems.
  • HW development according to environmental qualification standards (MIL-STD-810F).
  • HF and VHF communications.
  • Satellite and VHF communications.
  • Integration with Sensors and Naval Combat Systems.
  • Encryption and Key Management. Development of national figure capabilities.
  • Integration of cartographic software in a Command and Control System application.
  • Rugerization of avionics equipment according to EASA/FAA standards.
  • Installation and integration of equipment onboard naval and aerial platforms


The Bangladesh Navy does not have a tactical communications system as used by other navies and begins a procurement process through international bidding based on the features and capabilities they have observed in NATO LINK-22s.
Tecnobit offers you an innovative system complete with a new ad-hoc protocol called Opelink (NO-OTAN) and secure encryption, to solve this gap between your naval, air and ground units.


Systems are to be integrated on sixteen platforms, including nine surface ships, two submarines, two maritime patrol aircraft and three land stations including the Navy Headquarters in Dhaka. As well as training and coaching of personnel in Spain and on-site.


Based on the Openlink system, a complete system based on a specific Data Link Processor and operator consoles is developed for the Bangladesh Navy, which we call Bangla-22, which allows the exchange and sharing of tactical data from the local sensors of each platform with the rest of the units.
It also incorporates an encryptor, considered a benchmark in secure communications to protect voice and data. Communications between units will be via HF and VHF radio and there will also be provision for satellite connection.


Several tactical communications systems have been developed, implemented and are operational, meeting the highest expectations of the customer, who has launched a new expansion program to incorporate more units to the system and expand its capabilities by integrating other sensors and including satellite communication.

Good news! Robust, secure and fast communication is key to all military activities.
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