Pakistan Pakistan deploys warships in Arabian Sea following recent Houthi attacks


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Pakistan deploys warships in Arabian Sea following recent Houthi attacks

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has deployed warships in the Arabian Sea following “recent incidents of maritime security,” the country’s navy said on Sunday, amid a barrage of attacks led by Houthi rebels in the Red Sea.

India announced last week it had deployed three warships in the Arabian Sea after a drone hit an “Israel-affiliated” merchant vessel about 200 nautical miles (370km) off the coast of the western state of Gujarat. No casualties were reported in the attack, which the US blamed on Iran. Tehran dismissed Washington’s allegations.

Exporters have been troubled in recent weeks by a spate of attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea by Houthi rebels. The rebels are opposed to Israel’s military campaign in Gaza and have vowed to target any ships passing through the Red Sea that are bound for the Jewish state.

Last month, the rebels also claimed an attack on a Pakistan-bound ship from Saudi Arabia in the Red Sea.

“Pakistan Navy has deployed its warships in the Arabian Sea following the recent incidents of maritime security,” a spokesperson of the navy said in a statement.

“Continuous aerial surveillance of these commercial passages is also being done by Pakistan Navy.”

The navy said the main purpose of the patrol is to ensure the safety of Pakistani and international merchant ships, adding that its warships always patrol the Arabian Sea to ensure its “constant presence.”

Pakistan had deployed PNS Tughril in the Gulf of Aden as Pirate bases shifted to Yemeni Islands creating a pirate circle around the Horn of Africa, Yemen and Somalia. Pakistan is also the member of CTF-151, a combined task force meant to deter, disrupt and suppress armed robbery in the sea. It is good to see that nations are taking a stand against piracy in the region of Yemen. No matter what religious motives they may advertise to legitimize their actions, allowing a free hand to criminals will only embolden them and they are not sinking these ships but robbing them or holding them for ransom which shows an economic benefit and even after the conclusion of the palestinian conflict, this economic benefit will not vanish.
Although Pakistan has stated that their deployment in the Gulf of Aden is to protect the movement of ship lanes from Pakistani port through one of the most busiest sea lanes in the world.
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