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At the International Defense Industry Exhibition IDEX 2023, held in the capital of Egypt, the new Raad 200 MLRS of the Egyptian army was presented for the first time. The Raad 200 MLRS consists of 80% Egyptian-made components and is placed on the chassis of the Soviet ATS-59G artillery tractor. The MLRS tractor is equipped with a German HD12ZLG-M engine with a power of 385 hp. The installation is designed to launch thirty 122-mm ammunition at a range of up to 45 km, similar to those used in the Russian Grad MLRS or the Egyptian-made Sakr MLRS. It is also possible to use the Egyptian Sakr thermobaric missile with a range of up to 20 km. The MLRS does not have armor, but the crew of the installation is better protected than in launchers of the BM-21 type. The RAAD 200 MLRS can reach a maximum speed of 46 km/h, overcome a slope of 35° and water ford up to 1.1 meters deep, and the cruising range of the unit is 350 km.


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