Rheinmetall. Panther KF51 MBT



Rheinmetall. Panther KF51 : Rheinmetall New Main Battle Tank 130 mm Future Gun System The PANTHER KF51 is a German main battle tank that is under development by RHEINMETALL Landsysteme. It was unveiled publicly at the Eurosatory Defence Exhibition on 13 June 2022. The Panther KF51 is a "radically innovative" MBT idea. The Panther's combat weight is roughly 59 tons, which allows for more mobility than contemporary MBTs, and it has a range of 500 kilometers. the Panther KF51 features three different cannons. The main weapon is a 130 mm Future Cannon System L52 smoothbore gun manufactured exclusively for the tank by Rheinmetall. The KF51 Panther is stated to have three layers of protection: passive, reactive and active. The innermost layer consists of all-welded steel armour covered by passive armour modules. The second layer comprises sensor-based reactive armour, while the final layer consists of Rheinmetall's Active Defence System active protection system that Rheinmetall claims is capable of protecting against kinetic energy projectiles and anti-tank guided missiles. It is possible to mount the ADS on both the hull and the turret.
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