Australia Royal Australian Navy breaks cover on Speartooth large unmanned underwater vehicle


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The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has unveiled a large unmanned underwater vehicle (LUUV) that the service is developing with Melbourne-based defence electronics company, C2 Robotics.

It is known as Speartooth, and three variants of the LUUV are under various stages of land-based and sea-based trials. These are two 4 m versions and an 8 m variant, the last of which is on display at the Indo Pacific 2022 exhibition in Sydney.

Speaking to Janes at the exhibition, a representative from the RAN's Warfare Innovation Navy Branch described the LUUV as a low-cost system that can be produced at scale and with speed when required. An agreement to carry out the development was inked between the RAN and C2 Robotics in January 2022, he added.

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