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For 100's of years there has been battles going on in the baltics and what is now eastern europe and russia.

Putin was seen as this very calculated man through out history in tell the ukraine invasion happened. The rest of the world feared what russia could do milatarly and the weapons capabilty that they have. How is something like that so miss judged . The cia and special forces operations have been studying them for years. Overitly and convertly .

Im making this short and to the point and would like to hear others opinions on something i fear happening right under our noses and what others think the possibilty of it is ?

Im worried with nato has russia's biggest enemy. And with us knowing the history of war. And how miss leading and false info is a weapon of war itself. With ukraine under attack from putins russia , the world has jumped to ukraines help . Providing huge amounts of the worlds stockpiles of ammuntions and goods to tge eastern front. Knowing how closely realted ukraine is to russia is culture and people. Is it crazy to think in some twisted way putin could have a hand in ukraines government before all of this leading up to it and as we speak?

If putin feared natos might and strength. Wouldnt it be smart to disarm them before taking them to battle ? As he has proven in ukraine soldiers are a tool for him and he will throw away as much lives as he needs to move forward. What happens if ukraine is depliting the worlds abilty to mount an offense in 3-4 years after they have sucked us dry of our protection and ability to defend ourself? What happens if china and russia decide at that point to begin there empiror building once again ? To me it seems very likely not only for the fact of weapons . But also in how the russian military has suxh a history of war and knowladge from past experiances . How could they blunder so bad?? How could there capabiltys for war be so grossly misscalcullated by the west ? None of it makes sense it a logical thinking stand point.

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