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A Swedish man who has held several key positions in the Swedish defense and a connection to the intelligence service in the country has been arrested by the Swedish security police.

This is written by the Swedish media Expressen.

The case is surrounded by great mystery, secrecy and silence from those involved in the case. In addition to the man, his wife has been arrested.

The two are suspected of gross and unjustified handling of secret information, writes Expressen, which adds that it suggests that this is a crime against the security of the kingdom.

This can include, for example, that you have collected secret information that you are not entitled to keep, writes the media.

Expressen reports that the wife also has a sensitive position at an authority. Both suspects are kept in isolation in their respective cells, and chief prosecutor Per Lindqvist has decided, according to the media, that they must be isolated without the possibility of watching television, listening to the radio or communicating with the outside world in the form of letters.

According to information in the Swedish media's possession, the case is considered so sensitive that it is the Swedish security police's own employees who are in charge of monitoring and all control of food for the two suspects.

It is unknown when attention has been drawn to the two suspects. But the case number shows, according to Expressen, that it was registered in 2023, which suggests that it is a new case.

In addition to the fact that the man has a long career in the defense and has held several positions in Sweden, he has also had jobs abroad. The Express reports that he is well acquainted with both the Russian and Ukrainian military systems, but does not elaborate on what this means.

Both the top management of the Swedish defense and key ministers, including Minister of Defense Pål Jonson and Minister of Justice Gunnar Strömmer, have been informed of the arrests.

The two prosecutors leading the case are the same ones who led an espionage case against the brothers Payam and Peyman Kia, who were convicted of having given secret information to the Russian military intelligence service Gru, writes Expressen.

The prosecutors have told the media that they will not comment on the case, as it is sensitive and in an early phase.



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