DefenceHub Article STM&TAIS bags the deal, Milgem 6,7 and 8th ships' construction will commence soon

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Defense Industry Presidency of Turkish Republic has concluded the bidding process of Istanbul Class -İstif sinifi- frigates' (6th, 7th and 8th ships of Milgem project) serial construction at the SSIK held in January 2023.

Istanbul Class Frigate, 5th ship

According to the information received from multiple reliable sources, the winner of the tender is a new consortium to be formed by STM and TAIS (the latter also is a consortium by Sefine, Sedef and Anadolu shipyards) members. Two bidders were the top runners in terms of bid value and evaluation point.

It is aimed to lower financial and management risks, respectively, by awarding project to a company who is partially state owned -STM- who has a financial assurance and the experience on the platform. As a further note, STM has conducted major contractor duties for Ada class corvettes and F-515, Istanbul frigate during the contract and detail design stages, also during construction phase. Moreover, STM currently carries out the construction phase of Ukrainian Navy Corvette project at RMK Shipyard.

The workload is planned as follows;

  • STM will be preparing and managing technical packages (which were originally bound to be delivered at the winner), preparing construcion plans and inspecting the construction process, organizing the fitting out and related purchases components, deals with suppliers. Here, STM will retain the main contractor position.
  • TAIS members will be owning the construction process at whole , including quality controls and organizing subcontractors, raw material supplies; simultaneous constructions are planned at each member shipyard by shift of several months ensuring subcontractors to work efficiently.

Financial plan is yet to be decided following establishing of a new consortium, a company partially owned by STM and TAIS.

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