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@TheInsider, what happened with Hurjet and the Malaysian LCA tender? any updates?
No decision yet. It is in the hands of the Malaysian authorities now. We can do nothing other than waiting for the decision.

F-16 Block-60 is the best F-16 and it is exclusive to the UAE. It has more powerful engines and a redesigned bigger nose for APG-80. Power delivery and cooling systems are redesigned for that radar. APG-83 is designed with existing power delivery and cooling requirements in mind. The main advantage of APG-83 against APG68v9 is its EW capability and processing power with an incremental range increase. That is discussed a lot. Also, I suspect that APG-83 might have better SAR capability than APG-80 as its GaAs modules and algorithms are up to date. Both of those radars have no chance against a GaN radar. GaN modules have extreme power density and higher efficiency so you can radiate more power at the same size.

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