Ukraine The first footage of Ukrainian self-propelled mortars M120 Rak produced in Poland


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The first footage of the use of 120-mm M120 Rak self-propelled mortars made in Poland by the Ukrainian army has been published. The M120 Rak mortar has been produced since 2016 and is placed on the chassis of the Polish Rosomak armored personnel carrier; we previously talked about it. Ukraine ordered 24 M120 Rak self-propelled mortars and they are now used by the 44th separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces. The mortar is located in an armored rotating turret. Mortar pointing angles from -3 to +85 degrees. The firing range of a conventional mine is up to 8500 meters, with active-reactive ammunition up to 12000 m. Rate of fire: up to 12 rounds per minute. The transition time from the vehicle from the traveling position to the combat position is no more than 30 seconds. The ammunition capacity of the M120 Rak self-propelled mortar is 46 min, the combat weight of the vehicle is 24 tons.


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