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Looks like aegean and east-med will be more warm.
We need more air defence capable ships.


A source about Sm-1/ Sm-2 says " The next major iteration in the Standard family, the SM-2; was essentially functionally similar to the advanced SM-1 missiles; except it finally used the space and weight which had been allocated in the design from the start for a remotely programmable autopilot, enabling inertial mid-course guidance for missiles fired from ships equipped with the proper equipment (AEGIS or NTU). This simple change allowed the SM-2 to fly a much more energy-saving flight profile, instead of having to fly an energy-wasting SARH fight profile, increasing it's range by 60% with no other changes. " (46 km to 74 km )

We have Sm-1 BlockIV A-B which have 46 km range and 24 km alttitude. I dont know we have how many but there would be 32x8 ship around 254-260 around.

We have ins systems + active radar seekers also autopilot softwares who better than usa have in 1978's. Why not we just modernize hims with new ins and autopilot software.

74 km range with 24 km ceeling isn't bad stats againts fighters who can carry air launched exocet and harpoon. And also in agean still his good range.

On the other hand we can easily upgrade him with booster + 65 km ranged active radar seeker of gökdoğan missile.


Total range value of modernizated sm-r blok VıA-B by us 74 km range + 24 km alttitude. İf they launch straight like a harpoon he can reach 122 km around just because missiles spend double time more fuel for reach him 24 km ceeling.

Trg-300 Kasırga Rockets have 105 kg warhead + minnimum 45 kg guidance and etc. section so it's rocket engine and fuel section can carry 150 kg around 120 km range. But you know that kind of rockets actually use his rocket until mid range 60 km in kasırga example and freefall after midcourse.

So in actual kasırga carry 150 kg to 60 km and after that they freefall. But kasırga also reach 20 km alttitude in this flight so he can carry 150 kg and 20 km alttitude (uses 40 km straitgh range fuel ) But our core missile Turkish modified sm-1 block ıva-b is 499 kg and can reach 600 kg after radar seeker + new ins upgrade .

That means kasırga can carry sm-1 only 15 km range and 5 km alttitude in real condition. But they will spend 5x2 = 10 km straitgh range fuel when ascend. So total km potential of kasırga booster for sm- 1 is 25 km. On the other hand total range potential of modded sm-1 is 122 km . Total 140-150 km .

So that's mean this modded sm-1 can use 40 km straitgh range fuel for ascend 20 km alttitude and they will have still 110 km range. Big probaply when first launch they will ascend 12.5 km ceel with boster when they give up his booster it will be more lighter and that can will him +10 km range.

İn the and we can have 120 km ranged (55 km only with ins + last 65 km with ins + active radar seeker guidance ) 20 km alttituted air defence missile .


Small circle 74 km ranged big ones 120 km ranged sea based and land based.

We can fit boosteered ones to tactical launchers of gabya or barbaros class and land based. Also 74 km ranged ones can be used single arm launcher of gabya's with 32x essm with his 8x vls capability.

İf we modernize one of the 16/32 in ships for land based that means 8 battery and we can use him with s-400 if any war appers.


İran do it same with modernizating sm-1's with buk system active radar seeker and booster now they have bavar not very good and enough systems.

Yes maybe system doesnt enough for anti-balllistic but we have s-400's for him and until we make lwir + active radar seeker + ins guided , pifpaf terminal stage movers added, kinetic warheaded and boostered sipers we can use this sm-1 based missiles.


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Do you guys know if we have our own advance buoy solutions.

I think it's necessary to have these and think them as part to ASW

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