Type 26 Frigate to be armed with cruise/anti-ship missiles


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It has been confirmed that the ‘Future Cruise/Anti–Ship Weapon’ will be fitted to the Royal Navy’s Type 26 Frigates.​

The vessel will also be armed with a five inch main gun as well as Sea Ceptor anti-air missiles, click the below image to learn more.


The information came to light in response to a written Parliamentary question.

Kevan Jones, MP for North Durham, asked:

“To ask the Secretary of State for Defence, what is the planned service date for the Future Cruise/Anti-Ship Weapon.”

Jeremy Quin, Minister of State for the Ministry of Defence, responded:

“The Planning Assumption for Service Entry for Future Cruise /Anti-Ship Weapon on the T26 Frigate and Typhoon aircraft is 2027 and 2030 respectively.”

Quin also added:

“The Concept Phase has been focussed on conducting in depth operational analysis, technical studies and initial design activity to refine user requirements and better understand the options available to MOD to meet these. The Concept Phase findings forms part of the Programme’s Outline Business Case for Ministerial consideration.”

What is the Future Cruise /Anti–Ship Weapon?​

The FC/ASW aims to replace Storm Shadow/SCALP air launched cruise missile in operational service in the UK and France as well as Exocet anti-ship missile in France and Harpoon anti-ship missile in the UK.

Last year we reported that two years into the FC/ASW (Future Cruise/Anti-Ship Weapon) Concept Phase, MBDA announced the successful achievement of its ‘Key Review’, jointly conducted with Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) and the Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA), the British and French armament procurement agencies.

“The conclusion of this Key Review makes it possible to select the most promising missile concepts in order to meet the requirements expressed by both nations’ armed forces. The conclusions of this study will also make it possible to establish the road maps for maturing the technologies required, and to launch any follow on assessment phase.

This new phase will demonstrate the necessary maturity of the weapon system and its key components, to be followed by the development and production phase in the 2024 timeframe, so that current weapons systems can be replaced in accordance with required timescales.”

It was also stated recently by Quin that the total spend to date on Future Cruise/Anti-Ship Weapon and associated activities by the Ministry of Defence is £95 million.



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Get a load of this, they have been trying to build/create this missile for over 10 years, nothing has moved. Its a load of rubbish. The British just haven't invested long-term R&D into this sort of thing. Its the same with the British UACV and UAV. Just total lack of investment. You aren't going to get a cruise missile with land attack and ASuW capabilities for 95 million pounds. Now the Russians and Chinese have hypersonic missiles. Which have made this missile obsolete. So what's the point now?

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