Ukraine Ukraine trains F-16 pilots in Denmark.


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Belgium has provided 50 instructors and two F-16 training aircraft to train Ukrainian Air Force pilots at Skrydstrup Air Base in Denmark. The training follows a shortened program and takes six months instead of the required several years; the first pilots will be ready in May. According to one Belgian pilot, the main problems in training are lack of knowledge of English and different measurement systems. The number of Ukrainian pilots being trained is not disclosed, and the press is also not allowed to see them.
It is assumed that Ukraine will be able to cover its skies with F-16 aircraft; the possibility of doing this is small, according to Western experts. The fact is that the F-16, like the Mig-29 of Ukraine, is a fourth-generation aircraft, they do not have stealth technologies and are clearly visible by air defense and more modern fighters. At the moment, F-16s have not been transferred to Ukraine and their exact number has not been reported. Denmark currently has 33 F-16AM aircraft and 10 two-seat F-16BM combat trainers, while the Netherlands has 29 F-16AM aircraft.

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