USA Unmasking Trantifa: The extremely violent side of transgender activism


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Transgenders are at the forefront of a growing extremism movement, known as Trantifa, that combines far-left activism with intimidation, harassment, and even violence to advance their radical gender agenda.

Transgenders are the new face of extremism. Dubbed Trantifa, the term encompasses far-left activists who resort to intimidation, harassment, and even violence to advance their radical agenda surrounding gender.
We explore the convergence of trans activists and Antifa militants, shedding light on their anarcho-communist ideologies, their targeting of women, and the controversy surrounding their exclusionary tactics within feminist discourse.

Violent ideologies

Trantifa, a portmanteau of ‘trans’ and ‘Antifa’, represents a loose affiliation of trans activists within the anarchist movement.
Their anarcho-communist beliefs align with the perception of the US as systemically racist and oppressive toward trans individuals.
They argue that laws against certain gender-related practices amount to a ‘trans genocide’, fuelling their promotion of radical ideas.

Incidents of trans extremism

Incidents of trans extremism, particularly in the US, have received significant attention and raised concerns about the potential for violence.
One particular alarming incident involved Audrey Hale, a trans shooter who carried out a mass shooting at a Christian elementary school in Nashville. Hale, who had recently adopted he/him pronouns and the name Aiden, tragically took the lives of three children and three adults at the Covenant school.
In another incident, former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines was assaulted by a trans activist at San Francisco State University after speaking out against the inclusion of female athletes in women’s sports. The physical assault highlights the growing hostility faced by individuals who express dissenting views on this topic.
Additionally, cyclist Hannah Arensman made the difficult decision to quit her sport due to harassment she faced for opposing competition against biological males. Members of the John Brown Gun Club, a pro-trans antifa group, were among those involved in the harassment.
The rise of Trantifa videos posted by trans people advocating for armed self-defence is another concerning trend. In a now-deleted Tiktok post, Tara Jay, with 2,400 followers, warned about using guns against anyone who tried to prevent them from using women’s bathrooms.
Such incidents, along with the sale of shirts displaying the slogan ‘trans rights …. Or else’ alongside the images of guns, contribute to the climate of extremism and intimidation surrounding transgender ideology.


A collection of “Trans Rights or Else” T-shirts available for sale on Amazon sparked major outrage on social media in the wake of the Nashville school shooting.

Cancel culture mentality

The cancel culture mentality finds its way into the realm of transgender activism, as exemplified by the case of the author of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling.
Rowling tweeted her support for Maya Forstater, a tax specialist who had lost her job for what was deemed ‘transphobic’ tweets. She later published a 3,600-word essay on her reasons for speaking out on sex and gender issues.
In her article, she mentioned that she is "deeply concerned" about the "huge explosion in young women wishing to transition" and the "increasing numbers who seem to be detransitioning”.
She then goes on to say that she believes that "biological sex is real" and that "sex matters”.
Rowling argues that the erosion of the concept of biological sex is harmful to women, particularly in the context of single-sex spaces such as prisons and changing rooms.
Her views on trans people led to her exclusion from Harry Potter projects which are her own creative products, demonstrating the harsh implications of expressing opposing views on gender problems.
Moreover, after openly speaking up against controversial transgender ideology both on social media platforms and on her website, transgender activists targeted J.K. Rowling on Twitter with threats of rape and other violence for comments she made about transgender people.
In a recent example of this issue, Matt Walsh’s documentary “What is a woman?” (2022) faced backlash and restrictions on social media.
The film, which questions the logic behind gender ideology and its impact on women and children, received attention and controversy online. Twitter flagged the documentary as “hateful”, limiting its visibility on the platform. However, after public outcry, the limited visibility was revoked, and the documentary is now available for free streaming.
The incident highlights the ongoing debate surrounding transgender ideology and the challenges faced by those who challenge it. Notably, Twitter’s owner, Elon Musk, acknowledged the controversy and expressed support for the documentary’s availability, emphasising the importance of free expression and manners in discussions about preferred pronouns.

UN investigator’s concerns

Reem Alsalem, a UN investigator, has voiced concerns about the intimidation and harassment faced by women who speak up for women-only spaces, sports, and prisons.
She highlights instances where women have been ambushed, physically attacked, or subjected to online harassment by shouting trans activists, emphasising the need to protect freedom of speech and thought on matters related to sex and gender identity.
As tensions rise within the controversial transgender activism sphere, Trantifa’s radicalised fringe continues to push boundaries through its tactics of intimidation and violence.



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They have been protected and pampered that has given Trans and Gays a sort of entitlement.

When they dont get what they want they treaten people with violence, boycotts or ruin peoples lives by doxing them.

If a straight person said anything especially if its racial or misogyny his life will get ruined while Gays can say anything and play the homophobic card to get away with it.


This what we live with artik.

Is this coming to non Western countries? You bet its coming
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