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    Azerbaijan and Armenia clash over Nagorno-Karabakh region Updates & Discussion

    My dad participated in those protests. Nearly got run over by a tank. At least it's getting more widespread recognition now. Back in the day, barely anyone gave a damn. And the Wikipedia article got "corrected" by the usual suspects again.
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia Conflict

    Not really a conspiracy theory. And that image is flat-out incorrect. Rotax isn't used, for example. Yes. The US has been testing exoskeletons since 2011, France and Britain have both been working on exoskeletons since mid-2010s and even Belgium has done work in the field with projects like...
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia Conflict

    No, I have Russia mixed up with Russia: And that's just a start. Armenians tried to shit on Turkish drone tech by yelling about Wescam producing cameras for TB-2s...which wasn't...
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia Conflict

    Chuck a landmine into a mortar setup and call it a day. Well, it's a cheap solution if nothing else.
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia Conflict

    From Smolensk? Не смешите мои тапочки. They'd end up screwing over half of Belarus and much of the Baltics and Ukraine before reaching the Turkish Navy in the Black Sea if it's as powerful as you claim.
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia Conflict

    You guys have Germans producing weapons for you, Russia is just as reliant on foreign tech as it was before.
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    Defence Q&A S-400 or F-35 for Turkey ? |Debate and Discussion

    While I will not believe the claim just yet, I wonder if it has to do with NATO's concern about Russia? A few - US, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, etc. Canada used to be pretty good too until politics completely cucked their military. Mind you, I am not saying that Israel's ground forces are...
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    Turkish Politics

    I see. Thank you for informing me.
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    Live Conflict Ukraine-Russia Conflict

    And Norway. And the United States which has a direct sea border with Russia from the East that the Russian government keeps forgetting about, which is weird since the US already used that route once to launch an expeditionary force into Russia to fight communists during the Russian Civil War...
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    Turkish Navy|News and Discussions

    I'm not an expert - would there be any interference in operations with such a setup?
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    Turkish Politics

    Someone else brought up Ireland and Spain as comparisons but there's one major difference. In both cases, the relevant political parties were ONLY allowed to operate in peace after all militant activity ceased. HDP needs to be forced to renounce the PKK altogether and condemn their terrorist...
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    Turkish Industry, Science and Technology

    So it's basically just a fancy recycling plant?
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    Live Conflict Kazakhstan|News & Discussions

    Naive but let's see what happens.
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    Live Conflict Kazakhstan|News & Discussions

    I wouldn't say Kazakhs are all that racist against Turks or Azerbaijanis. Granted, this was early 2000s but I've noticed that Kazakhs tended to look up to Azerbaijanis. There are some Russified pieces of s**t among them but you can also find South Azerbaijanis who disregard their Turkic roots in...
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    Turkish Intervention in Syria

    It is easier to ask forgiveness than permission. The US won't care as long as no US soldiers get hurt. We've got bigger problems with attacks from the East. If NGOs start whining, ask the likes of Human Rights Watch why they have yet to condemn civilian protesters being declared as terrorists...

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