AJAX: The future of Armoured Fighting Vehicles


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AJAX is the next-generation of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV). Fully-digital and fully-integrated, it enables to soldier to ‘See First, Decide First, Act First’ on the modern battlefield.

Providing best-in-class protection and survivability, reliability and mobility, and all-weather Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Recognition (ISTAR), the AJAX Family of Vehicles (FoV) enable sustained, expeditionary, full-spectrum and network-enabled operations with a reduced logistics footprint.

AJAX can operate in combined-arms and multi-national situations across a wide-range of future operating environments.

Each AJAX variant has been ‘future-proofed’ to ensure it can be upgraded quickly and effectively throughout its service. With a surplus payload capacity and an open Electronic Architecture that is stable, secure and safe, the AJAX FoV have extensive potential to combat future threats and incorporate the latest technology.

General Dynamics Land Systems–UK is delivering 589 AJAX vehicles across six variants to the British Army. The first platforms were delivered in February 2019, with deliveries continuing until 2025.


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