Armored exoskeleton ExoM created in Germany


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The German company Mehler Protection presented a promotional video with the passive armored exoskeleton “ExoM”. The exoskeleton has a high level of ballistic protection and redistributes up to 70% of the load, which allows soldiers to carry heavy equipment. The ExoM exoskeleton is equipped with a flexible “spine”, a sliding waist belt and articulated hip, knee and ankle “joints”, which provides the operator with up to 99% ease of movement. The exoskeleton consists of titanium structures, the exoskeleton is armored according to the VPAM 8 protection class, which provides protection against three hits of armor-piercing incendiary bullets with a caliber of 7.62 × 39 mm. Thanks to the exoskeleton, physical stress on a person is reduced and the likelihood of injury is reduced. The exoskeleton does not require external power sources, making it suitable for long missions.


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