China China's first CH-7 strike UAV flight video


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The first footage of the test flight of the new Chinese stealth reconnaissance and strike UAV CH-7 has appeared. Outwardly, the CH-7 resembles the American reconnaissance drone RQ-170 Sentinel. In 2011, the US lost one such drone in western Afghanistan, and Iran later announced that they had the drone. The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation commented on the similarity with the RQ-170 as follows: "The capabilities of the CH-7 are far superior to the American drone RQ-170 and are close in their characteristics to the RQ-180." The length of the CH-7 is 10 m, the wingspan is 22 m, the maximum takeoff weight is 13 tons. The UAV flight altitude is over 10 km, the speed is 900 km/h, the flight time is 15 hours.


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