China Chinese Social media abuzz with images and videos of Russian ‘Z’ Symbol On Chinese Military Vehicle


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Russian ‘Z’ Symbol Spotted On Chinese Military Vehicle
August 5, 2022

Social media is abuzz with images and videos of the Chinese military drills as the tensions in the Taiwan Strait escalate dramatically. A picture of what appears to be a Chinese military vehicle bearing the infamous letter “Z” is also going viral on the internet.

Russian military operations in Ukraine are symbolized by the letter Z. Since the start of the invasion, Russian armed vehicles with the Z emblem painted on them have been regularly spotted in Ukraine.

The image surfaced on the internet as China encircled the island nation and staged intense drills in response to Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit. It raised fears that China might take a similar course as Russia and invade Taiwan.


The viral image of a Chinese vehicle with the letter’ Z.’

The armored car in the image is believed to be a Chinese Dongfeng EQ2050. Internet users speculated that the vehicle was spotted in Fujian province, where Chinese military activity has recently increased.

Dongfeng EQ2050 is the Chinese replica of the American HMMWV. In China, it is known as Mengshi. The Chinese army uses it in combat, manufacturing these vehicles in good numbers. The Chinese military and paramilitary groups employ it frequently.

However, the picture in question also circulated online in March, claiming that it represented the Chinese military vehicle with the letter Z. It speculated that it is a civilian car because it has a blue license plate. Also, the vehicle is said to be registered in Liaoning, Northeast China.

This high mobility vehicle also comes in a civil version and is exported to some countries, including Belarus and Zimbabwe. The picture with the Z symbol nevertheless conveys Chinese citizens’ support for Russia in its conflict with Ukraine.

Russian military equipment, including submarines, have routinely featured Z on them. Two possible interpretations for the Z symbol found on Russian military vehicles have been noted: “Zapad,” which means “west,” and “Za pobedy,” which means “victory.”

The Z is also intended to serve as a mechanism for the Russian military to identify its surrounding forces, thereby averting incidents like friendly fire.


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