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The Ukrainian military has completed training in Sweden on the CV90 infantry fighting vehicle and will soon receive about 50 armored vehicles of the CV9040 version. The second-generation tridsfordon 90 armored vehicle with the CV90 export index was developed in 1993 in Sweden by Hägglunds. Now Sweden is armed with 549 CV9040 infantry fighting vehicles of various modifications and models. The vehicle's armor is capable of withstanding 14.7 mm bullets, while the frontal armor provides protection against 30 mm projectiles. The machine can be reinforced with additional armor plates, but then its mass will increase from 22 to 35 tons. The infantry fighting vehicle is equipped with a modern fire control system with day and night sighting channels and has a high accuracy of firing data calculation. The infantry fighting vehicle is armed with a powerful 40 mm Bofors L70 cannon and a 7.62 mm machine gun. The gun is equipped with an unusual ammunition supply system, it has 3 ready-made magazines of 8 shells each, each magazine needs to be reloaded for about 20 seconds, then the shells are fed by a special automatic loader. Gun ammunition 220 shells. Despite its age, the machine is quite modern in its characteristics, as it has been constantly modernized and is now in service with 7 countries. 550 hp engine with a combat weight of the vehicle of 23 tons, it allows it to develop a speed of 70 km / h. The crew of the car is three people and six to eight paratroopers.


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