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The Australian company Electro Optic Systems will supply Ukraine with 110 Slinger combat modules to combat UAVs and ground targets. In the video, Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia Vasily Miroshnichenko tests the Slinger module at an Australian test site. The system is based on the 30 mm M230LF cannon and the 7.62 mm MAG58 machine gun. Slinger is equipped with thermal imaging and night sights, as well as radar. The M230LF cannon is stabilized for firing on the move. These modules are planned to be installed on Ukrainian M113 armored personnel carriers made in the USA. The private company Praktika also ordered 50 combat modules, planning to install them on the Kozak armored vehicles it produces. The Slinger module weighs 400 kg, it is capable of detecting targets at a range of 13,700 meters and hitting drones at a range of about 800 meters. The total order amount was $170 million.


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