Navy First hull of high-speed patrol craft for the Royal Navy


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MST to supply two 19m high-speed patrol craft to the Royal Navy​

We are pleased to announce that Marine Specialised Technology Group is the successful bidder in a competitive tender process with the UK MOD Defence Equipment & Support Organisation to supply two state-of-the-art 19.0m high-speed patrol craft to the Royal Navy.

These craft will be replacing HMS PURSUER and HMS DASHER and will be commissioned into the Royal Navy once fully operational in Gibraltar. They will be the first commissioned Royal Navy craft to be built on the Mersey since 1992 when Cammell Laird launched the Submarine HMS Unicorn and the first Royal Navy surface craft since they launched HMS Campbeltown in 1987.

The craft have been jointly developed with BMT Group who will provide a depth of knowledge and experience during the design, construction and commissioning of both vessels.

The new craft will be a step-change for the Gibraltar Squadron providing a larger platform that has improved speed, handling, seakeeping and protection compared to the Archer Class.

Other enhancements include an integrated paperless bridge system and a modern communication and surveillance suite.

This is an exciting and high-profile project for MST Group and will be the largest and most advanced craft we have built to date.

Philip Hilbert, Sales Director for Marine Specialised Technology, said: “We are very proud to be working with DE&S helping to deliver tomorrow’s technology and ensure our UK Armed Forces are at the cutting edge of capability.

This contract is particularly prestigious and reflects just how far Marine Specialised Technology has come in the last eighteen years and is a commendation for all of the hard work and dedication that our team has put in.”

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