First modified MID engineering tank returned to Polish army

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The first Polish engineering tank MID (Machine Inżynieryjno-Drogowa), modified by Obrum in Gliwice, was returned to military users in February 2021 after successful trials, reports. The personnel of Gliwice is starting modification work on another 4 copies that will undergo this process in 2021.

Obrum in the 1990s provided the Polish Army units with 9 MID engineering tanks, built on the basis of technologies used in the construction of the then PT-91 (chassis unified with the WZT-3 Technical Support Vehicle). 3 vehicles went with our tanks to Malaysia. In July 2019, Obrum received an order for repairs and modifications to 5 Polish MIDs with the latest improvements and technical improvements. The whole work on the five MIDs is also to be completed in 2021. One of the elements of the contract is the procedure for training MID crews in the use of new equipment and equipment.

The scope of changes made to the first and all subsequent MID vehicles includes:
• Modification of the engine, increasing its power to 850 HP;
• Installation of a drilling rig that allows drilling holes dia. 200 to a depth of 2.5 meters in road surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, paving stones;
• Installation of the positioning system of the existing blade by introducing elements that facilitate the operator to determine the required position;
• Equipping the boom with a camera that enables observation of the working field during operation and mounting a rearview camera in the chassis, enabling the driver to observe the field behind the machine while driving backward in day and night conditions without the need for additional lighting;
• The use of a new type of friction shock absorbers with a pneumatic system with a 3-stage adjustment of the suspension stiffness during bulldozer work and ensuring better stability during work with the boom;
• Introduction of an APU unit with a power of 5kW, which ensures the maintenance of electrical systems with the engine off, with the possibility of air conditioning operation at a standstill;
• Replacement of the electrical installation with a new one with the change of lighting to LED;
• Introduction of a new type of driver's board with digital indicators;
• Introduction of a new communication system - the Fonet system and radio stations from the PR4G family.


The MID engineering tank before the modifications carried on in February 2021 (Picture source: Obrum)


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