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We are still working on a permanent set of rules, and therefore this list may change. In the meantime we would appreciate it if you adhere to the following rules:

Insulting & Name Calling
DefenceHub wishes to be a platform of productive exchange of ideas. In this context insulting & name calling other posters, countries, country leaders, ethnic / national / religious identities are strictly forbidden.

Refrain from attacking the poster making the argument. Attack argument itself . Focus on the discussion not on the poster.

Impersonating / multiple accounts
Everyone on DefenceHub is allowed one account; usage of multiple accounts and impersonation of any user for any purposes may result in a ban.

Repeated messages either nonsensical or intended to scam people, are not permitted.

Use of foreign languages
DefenceHub welcomes all users from the world; however, for ease of communication all posts should be in English. Use of other languages is acceptable, if proper translation is provided within the post.

A member's post that violates the forum rules doesn't give you the same right, in case of such a violation please use the report button.

Terrorist Propaganda
Expressing support for groups that are internationally recognized as terrorist or criminal organizations or calling on for terrorism for whatever reason is not allowed.

Sharing explicit / graphic content
Any material showing gore/after effects of violence/ graphic things or adult material (pornography) is strictly not allowed on DefenceHub.

No use of Memes
Don't forget that this is a discussion platform. All use of memes are not allowed except social zone section.

Thanks @Sinan for compiling this for us 👍
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As part of English being the language of the forum, we would like to ask all forum members to make sure that every foreign language tweet is duly translated in to English before being posted.

This will allow all members to understand what the tweet is all about irrespective of what their mother tongue is.

Your strict conformance to above is required and duly appreciated.

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